Fresh Pecorino Toscano PDO

Pecorino Toscano is produced exclusively with sheep’s milk from pastures in the area of origin (Tuscany and some neighbouring municipalities in Lazio and Umbria) as required by the production regulations. Beneath its pale-yellow rind, this wonderful cheese has a sweet taste and a milky fragrance when fresh, an aroma it loses during ageing in favour of a more intense and structured taste.


Fresh Pecorino Toscano has a soft texture and has been aged for a minimum of 20 days (though this is normally extended for up to 45/60 days). It can be recognised by its cylindrical shape and by the inked PDO logo on the rind. It has a thin yellow rind which is uniform, smooth and soft. The cheese is white/pale yellow in colour and has several irregular and well-distributed holes. It has a delicate aroma of butter and hay and the taste is sweet and clean. The cheese is soft to the touch. When chewed it is not stretchy but rather solid without being hard.